Here are Top 5 Reasons to Consider Purchasing Real Estate in the Dominican Republic.

Welcome to the Dominican Republic!!

Welcome to Freedom and Paradise! 

Here are Top 5 reasons to consider purchasing real estate in the Dominican Republic.

  1. Expansive Beachfront Bargains

Across the world, beachfront real estate remains in high demand.

In fact, in most locations is also comes with a very high price tag. However, this is not yet the case in the young luxury market of the Dominican Republic.

Beautiful villas and oceanfront condominiums are still within the reach of many real estate investors.

  1. Rising Tourism

Tourism continues to grow in the Dominican Republic. However, the quality of tourism is also rising with the numbers. In 2018, we had 6.5 million visitors:

“While sun and beach remain the country’s most sought attractions, the Dominican Republic continues to work to expand its competitive offerings in the tourism marketplace.

Between Adventurous Punta Cana, lush Samaná, Sunny Bavaro, Luxurious La Romana, Historic Santo Domingo and more, the country prides itself on offering something for every type of traveler and budget. ” As you can see, there is a lot to get excited about the growth in the tourism market!


  1. Strong Rental Yields

Tourism is changing the face of the rental market in Dominican Republic. As a result, many visitors now seek apartments, condos, and villas for their stay. In short, they want to have a more authentic experience of what life is like in this beautiful country. As a result, tourism is rising much faster than the number of available units in the commercial sector. This is helping to create a great opportunity for private owners to achieve strong yields.

  1. Long Term Capital Growth Potential

Prices are low, tourism is growing, the economy is growing, and yields are good. As the economy grows, the market’s stability improves. With continual infrastructure upgrades, eyes are quickly turning to our beautiful country.

This cycle is known to push up real estate values by a considerable amount over the long term.

  1. Professional Help is Close at Hand

Navigating a real estate purchase in a foreign country can seem intimidating.

However, here in the Dominican Republic, we have excellent pathways to land and homeownership.

These pathways are found through working with trusted and reliable real estate agents.

When choosing an agent, be sure to consider

  • experience and network
  • visible website client referrals
  • their ability to communicate with transparency
  • your own level of comfort


Full-Service Realty D.R. team is  here to guide You. 

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