Questions? Questions? Questions?


Questions? Questions? Questions?


You know how it is when you move to a new place, you have so many questions you don’t know where to start and you certainly don’t know who to ask.

Often you don’t even know what your questions are… you just know that you are confused and maybe a bit overwhelmed.

When you embark on a move to any foreign country you have lots of questions to ask. Especially when that country is way out in the middle of the Caribbean and the local language is Spanish. Those questions can really keep you awake at night.

Questions about schools, shops, doctors, housing and, of course, which place is really the place to be. Now you can relax!

Full Service Realty has done the research for you and found you all the names, addresses and phone numbers you need so you can have access to a comprehensive, accessible and practical guide.FAQs by New Expats – moving to and living in the Dominican Republic Full Service Realty team can come to the rescue!


  • Where shall we live?
           • Where are the schools?
           • Where should we shop?
           • Where are all the other expats?
           • How can we make friends?
           • And what shall we do in an emergency?

This is just one of the many benefits you receive when you work with a team that has over 15 years experience living here full time.

Divided simply into sections entitled Who, What, When, Where and How this information pack is without doubt the one-stop resource you need.

We provide this information to all of our clients to help them understand they have an onsite resource that continues far beyond the purchase of a property here. We make it our mission to assist in any way possible during that transition to the lifestyle here with the least amount of stress.


Full Service Realty D.R.


Open letter to our Clients

Dear friends and clients,

It is not easy to understand everything that is happening in today’s world.

Although at this moment the situation within the tourist community of Punta Cana / Bavaro is very good, fortunately much better than most places in the world. The government is taking daily precautions one day at a time, focusing on the positive, maintaining clear communications about the strategy to minimize the impact and reinforcing the belief we will get through it together, by making intelligent decisions to safeguard.

Full Service Realty is taking this responsibility as are many others.

In response to the measures that are necessary to protect us all we invite you to take advantage of the power of our “Virtual Platform”, which It consists, in part, of videos, large amounts of photographs and complete useful descriptions of each property we represent.

Our “Virtual Platform” technology tools are here to help you make healthy real estate decisions from the comfort of your home.

As many cities face more difficulties than others, we understand the diverse situations and needs of all of you located throughout the world.

Some our current clients have called and asked for a medium-term rental solutions, others have asked about how to insure a home in a warm, tropical climate, to move back into once the crisis is over. Other clients who are in the purchase market have focused on properties that offer complete isolation from the public that also provides security.  We have several options to choose from facilitating that need.

But everyone who has asked us for information, we are hear to respond professionally and ethically.  Our team wants to ensure you that our touristic zone has maintained its focus on safety, high quality of life, and ultra-peaceful environment. All of this can be still be found in the eastern touristic district of the Dominican Republic.

When the time is right for you, for anything you may need, related to buying or selling properties we represent, or general questions about visiting or living here, our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to professionally advise you in making your decision.


Full Service Realty Team.