Looking to Escape the Chaos that has Gripped the U.S.?

So here we are in month 3 of quarantine and many are just now starting to understand the long-term impacts of this global pandemic.  I would be foolish to try and predict what will happen next as no one can foresee the future.  What I can attest to is that during the past 12 weeks my personal situation has been very sustainable and manageable.  Peaceful and serene with little disruption aside from lack of social contact.

One might ask how that is possible.  Personally, I have always leveraged my time against what could be controlled and what could not. I lead a very sustainable existence by being something of a minimalist who focuses more on being at peace in the environment.  Currently I am not living among a large concentration of people.  I uphold a strong small circle of close friends and colleagues that make use of each other respectfully.  We maintain our social distancing but communicate best as we can with positive intentions.  We are fortunate with an incredible environment with most of us living on or near the beach in a touristic zone.  As this was for most of us a key point in relocating here, the love of the ocean and moderate temperatures year round among other attributes.

However, the beach is currently unoccupied because the tourists are not present due to the pandemic.  Strange and surreal but for the time being it is very tranquil and in compliance with quarantine protocols.

As most of us try to predict what may or may not happen next, I am very cognizant of what are the core needs of myself and my family. Food, water, and shelter.  Uncomfortable as that is to accept, if you have those elements well covered and can protect them against those who have not planned so diligently then you are at least managing factors from a position of knowledge and sustainability. 

Thankfully in this eastern touristic zone we are very isolated, and those core resources are abundant.  I do not feel threatened nor do I anticipant anything negative happening as we continue to navigate the difficulties of the quarantine and global pandemic. 

Using this ample time to contemplate the positives and negatives that the global pandemic has presented one must first focus on what can be controlled and identify the opportunities that can be acted upon. 

Some simple and logical advice.

  • Plan for the future, but do not rely on its manifestation.
  • Rarely does it work out as we think it will.
  • Have at least 3 plans of action ready to go.
  • Stay positive and know that everything will be as it is.
  • Communicate with family and neighbors as much as you can.
  • Stay connected and help as much as possible.
  • Be ready to act soon as the quarantine is lifted.
  • Know ahead what you can and cannot accomplish.
  • Do not be overtaken by a feeling of helplessness.
  • You are not alone.
  • We are all in this together.
  • Be ready for the next crisis.
  • Wherever you find your happiness make sure you find yourself there.
  • If you are not happy where you are, find a way to change that first chance you get!

These outlined points may seem basic and obvious but believe me unless your focused and disciplined you may not be as prepared as you should be. 

Connect with friends and family and seek out the professionals who can provide services you need because they truly understand your personal situation.  Trust your instincts and do your own investigation, but if you are here reading this blog it is because your searching for something different.

Krystal and I are here to help you find your perfect place to reside if your inclined to live in this type of environment.  Let us know what your looking for and we will provide you all the options and details specific to your needs. 

Welcome to Full Service Realty D.R.


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