There are several agencies to choose from when deciding to purchase a home, condo, villa, or an investment property here in the Dominican Republic. 

What makes Full Service Realty D.R. different? 

Experience and knowledge from living here for 15 years, watching the real estate market rise and fall.  Responding and advising clients about those changes in the market while representing their best interest is what we do best. 

Terry Wheat – I am originally from the U.S. International environmental auditor and consultor; I was expertly trained to observe and record information in a multitude of characteristics. Only representing properties that meet our standards which are very stringent. Each client is viewed as brand-new relation that needs to be nurtured and respected. It is my responsibility and passion to understand your needs first and give the best possible options that meet your criteria only while advising you against any unforeseen obstacles. 

Krystal Gorham – Originally from Canada is also well trained and experienced in this market working directly in real estate for nearly 5 years regionally.  She brings to the table the nuts and bolts if you will on how to manage the sale process from negotiation of offer to title transfer.  She is dedicated and fierce when representing her client’s interest.  This is paramount in this market.  Apart from that she genuinely cares about people whom she becomes acquainted with.  Her attention to detail is one of her finest assets. She creates strong client relations by listening to their needs and desires.

This takes patience and understanding at a level most others are not willing to commit too.  Therefore, together we formed this agency with that premise build right into its name.


Our motto – create personal relationships, acquire all relevant data, deliver complete solutions, and never fail our clients. Connecting buyers with sellers in the touristic regions of the Dominican Republic utilizing our experience while safeguarding both parties along the journey of the transaction and throughout the transition of becoming a property owner in the Dominican Republic.

Regional experience and knowledge acquired through multiple years of trial and error we encountered along our own journeys is what we enjoy sharing with all our clients. Many questions are to be asked and answered during our client’s examination of the property or land. Commitment to service, standards, and ethics is what our clients not only demand but deserve.  Let us provide that to you!! 


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