Animal Rescue in the Dominican Republic

Animal Rescue in the Dominican Republic

Being an animal lover myself it was quite a shock during my first couple years living here and while learning and adapting to the Dominican Culture. I was frequently observing cruelty and a general lack of compassion towards animals here. It was difficult to understand.

I did not have a complete understanding of the language at that time either in order to ask the questions regarding this attitude, which seemed to be a complete lack of compassion for animals. I am not saying that all Dominicans share this characteristic, but I was encountering more acts of cruelty than one would expect. So, I started investigating for myself what is really happening here.

So let me set the stage and context for you in this theme.  For some, well for many people there are so many other pressing issues that need to be focused on — humans first.  While stray animals go hungry, so do many Dominican citizens, pushing animal welfare to the back of the line. Therefore, many hurdles exist for foreigners in trying to gain local support for animals and their welfare.

It is extremely difficult to speak about animal care in a third world country or a developing nation when there are so many poor people trying to find a daily meal themselves.  Like any social problem, educating the younger generation is one of the best ways to implement change. Gaining support for educational programs on animal rights has proved almost impossible.

Many educators close their doors and their minds when they are approached. Remember they are already fixed in their opinions and deal firsthand with hungry children and therefore they have no time or compassion for stray animals.

So a group of people from various locations around the globe formed  It is the only government registered non-profit animal rescue organization in the touristic zone of Punta Cana. They have been instrumental in reducing the overpopulation, and abuse of stray animals here in the zone.

Through their continued educational work, the Dominicans have not only taken much more responsibility for their own, but also the stray animals by sharing their meals with the strays. A great achievement witnessing this, believe me.  At RescataMe PuntaCana there are no obligations or minimum contributions for donations or sponsoring. The amount of the monthly donation amount is your decision, for us a onetime donation of $10.00 dollars is a blessing as well. Every little bit helps.

Everyone should really donate only what can be spared. The monthly costs for food and medical care are of course different for each animal, but on average they go from $20 to $50 per animal. Please take this as a guideline only and not as a compulsory monthly sum! A family also or a group of friends can take over a joint monthly sponsoring if you can afford it and your heart compels you to do so.

I would invite you to follow the link below if this speaks to you personally. There is no better organization to support when it comes to animal rights and care.

Here at Full Service Realty D.R. we are in complete support of this program and one of our realtors has been committed to this organization since the day she moved here.  Volunteering no less than 20 hours weekly to the direct care of stray dogs and cats.  You can imagine what her home looks like.  LOL.

Amanda has a pure heart of gold and it is a pleasure working with her these past 6 months and witnessing the dedication she has placed for this cause.  We hope that this quick overview prompts you to take a look at and it inspires you to become involved as well.

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  1. Beautiful article that describes the difficult reality of so many people and animals in the Dominican Republic. Thank you.

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