Animal Rescue in the Dominican Republic  – Article II – SAVING SANDY


After you have read the first article we posted about Rescateme an Animal Rescue non-profit organization, you may come to realize that we at Full Service Realty are committed to doing our part in animal rescue efforts as well.


My partner Krystal Gorham has temporarily adopted a beach dog. She has affectionately named her Sandy.  Seems very appropriate do you not think?

Sandy was abandoned in the past year, but has managed to stay alive through her cunning and cautious temperament. She was spayed at one point, since we have noticed that during the past year watching her trot up and down the beach for these past 10 to 12 months she hasn’t become pregnant. We estimate her to be about 3 years old. But in overall good health so far thankfully. 


Krystal knowing full well that the pickings are very slim here now with virtually no one sharing meals with this kind animal due to the Corona Virus. Sandy depended on the kindness of strangers mostly tourist before this crisis evolved.

Therefore, Krystal decided to purchase a couple of bowls and put out some food and water directly in front of her condo which is located on the beach.


It didn’t take long for Sandy to notice and start hanging around. LOL>

So, we now have a temporary mascot for Full Service Realty per se.  Amanda our sales associate, who volunteers no less than 2 days a week at Recatame, and on many occasions so much more time than that —- has committed to finding Sandy a new home.!


The options she is entertaining is finding Sandy a new home back in the North America.  Whether it is in the United States or Canada!

When the shelter in place ban is lifted, Sandy will be taken into the clinic given a full examination and begin her immunization schedule to qualify for international travel.

We are going to sponsor this effort for the right candidate who will need to qualify through a screening process.  Once this happens Sandy will be fully rescued and find a new life with her new family.  Keep in mind Sandy loves the beach and the water!! LOL

If your interested in learning more about this particular cause please contact us through email to arrange for more details.


Furthermore we are asking that if your looking for a good cause to support as an animal lover please contact Rescatame directly to learn more about the organization and their efforts.  At RescataMe PuntaCana there are no obligations or minimum contributions for donations or sponsoring. The amount of the monthly donation is your decision, for us a onetime donation of $10.00 dollars is a blessing as well. Every little bit helps. 

Everyone should really donate only what can be afforded. The monthly costs for food and medical care are of course different for each animal, but on average they go from $20 to $50 each, but please take this as a guideline only and not as a compulsory monthly sum! This can be done as a family or a group of friends by committing to a joint monthly sponsoring if you can afford it and your heart compels you to do so. Volunteer work is also greatly appreciated. Getting more people on the ground here to create a solid base is always welcomed.

I would invite you to follow the links provided below if this speaks to you personally. There is no better organization to support when it comes to animal rights and care. 

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