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Krystal Gorham from Canada and Terry Wheat from USA.  As full-time residents of the Dominican Republic with over 15 years collectively living here full time, we decided to form a partnership in real estate. 

I arrived in 2010 and immediately opened an environmental management company.  Employing over 120 people at its peak in 2019.  Focusing on recycling and waste management in the touristic zone and implementing programs of sustainability while certifying businesses in international compliance.  During this time I became very familiar with many locations and various touristic businesses.  I moved my twin sons here originally as well, who then returned to the states to finish their educations.  One of those boys moved back here to assist me in launching this company along with Krystal.  Jake Wheat whom everyone refers to as my carbon copy.  LOL.  Jake is responsible for tech and web support for our digital marketing platforms.  Millennials go figure.


Krystal Gorham my business partner has been working in real estate here locally for nearly 5 years.  She was a contract sales representative working as in independent agent obtaining her real estate experience locally. However, Krystal has been a business owner her entire life much like me. 

Back in 2016 while Krystal and I were living in the same condominium complex we became friends.  I would return home in the afternoons on many occasions and see her painting on the balcony while I was taking dip in the pool.  We conversed and she and her husband being north Americans we found a lot in common.  As time passed, we became closer…  Then in 2018 we had back to back Hurricanes of Category 5 threaten the island.  Thankfully, we were not severely affected but during those challenging moments we became even closer.  It was not long after that Krystal offered to entertain my mother and my daughter who were here vacationing.  She took them out a few times while I was working and really demonstrated her qualities of genuine compassion and friendship to my family.  This was greatly appreciated and I my admiration for her friendship expanded. 

It was not long after this I ended up moving to a new location because my mother had decided to move here full time.  So we relocated to a larger community directly on the beach and in a condominium for her on the ground floor and me across the pool. 

Krystal came and visited and it wasn’t long after she and her husband moved to the same complex. 

As you can imagine we continued to share time together and then Krystal approached me with her idea. 

She asked me with my business experience as an owner here would I be interested in partnering up with her in launching our own real estate company.  I can say I was very excited right from the start.  I had been thinking about real estate for over 3 years but in all honesty, I knew I had to have the right partner in order for it to succeed.  Krystal was the perfect fit. 

With her knowledge and interpersonal skills in sales I had complete confidence in her abilities.  So we sat down together and brainstormed very openly on our vision of what we both thought would be the values of a real estate company if we moved forward. 

One thing was very clear.  FULL SERVICE – no cutting corners and we would focus on the people and not the product.  We had both been in service companies before and understood that value proposition but wanted to elevate that level of service here in this real estate market that has had its challenges in the past.  So, there it was FULL SERVICE REALTY D.R. Focusing on the needs of the people first understanding their needs first in order to give them exactly what they are looking for.  We operate only as guides after we obtain that information.  The real value proposition from our agency is that we have the local experience of living on this island.  Lets face the facts.  It is a foreign country and things work differently here.  We witnessed far too many times and made far too many mistakes ourselves figuring things out the hard way.  Therefore, out of genuine compassion we wanted to be able to help others navigate that transition from their home country to island life. Eliminate as much stress as possible. The whole idea is to come here and relax, enjoy, create new experiences, and make new friends.  This is our mission. 

Thanks for taking the time to read our story.


Krystal and Terry 



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